[Monday, October 18, 2004]

Pisces: (Feb. 19–March 20)

Neptune is in your 11th house. Dance, sending you off in a cultural symphony. One thing a man needs to do is step away and view a situation as a sport. Remember, no one wants to damage America.

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[Monday, October 04, 2004]

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[Monday, September 20, 2004]

i'll tell you why i don't want to know where you are
i got a joke i been dying to tell you
a silent kid is looking down the barrel
to make the noise that i kept so quiet
i kept it from you, pitseleh
i'm not what's missing from your life now
i could never be the puzzle pieces
they say that god makes problems
just to see what you can stand
before you do as the devil pleases
and give up the thing you love
but no one deserves it
the first time i saw you i knew it would never last
i'm not half what i wish i was
i'm so angry
i don't think it'll ever pass
and i was bad news for you just because
i never meant to hurt you

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[Monday, August 30, 2004]

porra, tem LIARS no NOKIA TRENDS!

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[Friday, August 27, 2004]

whatever you say, capitain, pt. 01 - 01, 02, 03.

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[Thursday, August 26, 2004]

mano, sabe o que é foda? a vice é foda. e saiu agora UMA EDIÇÃO ESPECIAL SÓ DE DOS AND DON'TS! lindo, lindo. har har har.

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[Tuesday, August 24, 2004]

spoken and choked
i burnt my notes
this heart drones as
i try and act adult
but like a walkman falls to pieces
all parts, no heart

see me change, changes are no good
see me change, changes are no good

mentira, são sim.
às vezes.
tá, sei lá, tanto faz mesmo.

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backseat kiss